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Our Story

At Trifecta Deals, our vision is to introduce today's hottest tech at incredible prices for everyone.

By buying the most popular products in bulk and selling directly online, we are able to deliver today’s latest gadgets and electronics at rock bottom prices while still ensuring great product quality and excellent customer service. We are intently focused on delivering the best combination of quality, pricing, and customer service you'll find anywhere.

Based in New York City, we have hundreds of happy customers from this website,, and

Here's our formula:

  1. Quality - We carefully select the best products available on the market. If it's offered, it's based on the recommendations of our experienced sales staff.
  2. Buying in Bulk - By buying in bulk, we can afford to bring you low, wholesale pricing. That's right: you get to pay what the stores and large chains are paying the manufacturers.  
  3. Customer Service, Made in NY - We deal with the hassle of purchasing from vendors abroad and overseas shipping. As a result, you can enjoy fast and reliable domestic shipping directly from us in New York. If you find prices that beat or are near ours, it's probably because they don't offer U.S. customer support or any support at all.

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