Featuring the Top Emerging Tech Trends of 2016 and Forward

November 02, 2016

Top Emerging Tech Trends

Mini Drones

Drones and quadcopters are becoming immensely popular among all types of people across the world. What better than having a foldable drone with you that could carry along in your travel bag while traveling. Now some people would think that these portable drones which are small when packed comes with drawbacks like inferior hardware, low quality camera etc. because in small size it can’t fit good technology, but   that’s not true . These high end portable and foldable drones comes with top notch hardware specs and advanced features to give you some next level flying machine. These are great for anyone who loves to visit different parts of the world and capture hard to reach images and videos of the environment, beautiful landscapes, sport stunts and much more. These foldable drones are practically designed for you to journey to new lands and capture some awesome quality images in the most creative way imaginable.


VR Glasses

Virtual reality is becoming more accessible. Whether you're really into virtual reality or not, you can't deny it will be a big part of our lives. While Oculus Rift certainly has most of the world talking, other virtual reality products are making their way to the everyday person. The VR Glasses takes you away from the humdrumness of your own life and allow you to find yourself in a completely different world! Experience all this from the comfort of your own home. Kick back, immerse yourself in a virtual world, and watch 3D movies and play intuitive games all through this one piece of technology. Don’t worry, everything can be seamlessly done in a few minutes. Simply install one of hundreds of VR apps for your phone, place your device into the grip and pop on the headset. 360° content powered by the gyroscope in your phone allows you look up, down and in any other direction to get the full experience. The adjustable head strap accommodates a wide variety of head shapes. The adjustable lens lets you get the best look at your new digital landscape. Escape from that boring wait at the train and jump into a high speed roller coaster or a town filled with dinosaurs!

Electric Scooters

Last year, the  "hoverboard" was a hit. As it it still continues to be a hot trend, this year, we're seeing the rise of portable electric scooters for urban riders — like   URB-E  and   Xcooter  — that are sleek and compact and can be folded up to fit in a small apartment. Fast electric scooters are smooth and can reach speeds of over 15mph. You'll be amazed at how fast these electric scooters can achieve and the ride is super smooth too. Electric scooters make for the perfect traveling method to beat high gas prices while going green at the same time. Zipping around on an electric scooter is fun and economical way of getting from place to place. This is a big societal trend that these vehicles are illustrating: a desire by the younger generation to have an alternative to the typical car as a means of transportation, and a reimagined way of commuting that's convenient, cost effective and clean.


3D Printers

It seems like every week new 3D printers, 3D modeling apps and materials are getting announced. Of course, everyone has a different opinion about which trend will dominate the 3D printing market in 2016 and beyond. The recent past has taught us that 3D printing works best when we talk about printing objects that need to be completely customized or unique (like implants, prototypes, or customized jewelry), or that would be too complicated to produce otherwise. 3D printing is in fact great for complex designs with interlocking parts which most people are unaware.  The coming years will bring even faster, high-quality 3D printing and new breath-taking materials. In all likelihood everyone will come into contact with a 3D printed object in the next few years in one way or another – with or without actually knowing it.

Sports Wireless Headphones

We think it’s safe to say that we all have a little bit of a love hate relationship with earphones – especially when it comes to exercising. Being connected to all your motivational 90’s dance tracks whilst you’re on the move is awesome, but it’s not so fun when your earphones are constantly falling out. Special Bluetooth Sports Earphones allow you to connect to your device wirelessly so you no longer have to worry about being tied down to your music player. With a flexible, comfortable and sturdy design, the BT Sports Earphones are designed to fit perfectly to your ear, so even when you’re pushing through the toughest of pain barriers, these awesome audibles have your back! Simply connect to your Bluetooth enabled device, and enjoy your tunes on the move - it really is that simple! There’s no need to keep reaching for your device when you want to skip tracks, change the volume or take a call, as this cool design is fitted with a handy control panel complete with microphone, that lets you do all that stuff without any fuss! And if you really need your earphones to last the distance, the BT Sports Earphones provide up to 4 hours talk and playback time - after all, the last thing you need to worry about is running out of juice whilst you’re at the top of your game!




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