Hoverboard Troubleshooting 101 - Fix your Hoverboard Issues and Get On Riding

October 13, 2016

If you are experiencing any issues with your hoverboard, or are not sure about what the lights mean, then watch the video below to fix your hoverboard issues. A lot of issues come up with hoverboards due to the internal sensors being out of sync. You can experience vibration, failure of one side to work, and other sensor issues. This simple recalibration video may save you a trip to the repair shop. In fact, all hoverboards eventually need to be recalibrated over time since the sensors will eventually become out of sync.this video provides  step by step guide on how to ride the hoverboard, how to turn it on of off, what the lights on the hoverboard and charger mean and how to get on and off the hoverbaord.

If you are still experiencing issues you may email support@trifectadeals.com

Hope this video helps!

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