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May 29, 2016

The hoverboard Bluetooth module simply turns on when your self balancing scooter is turned on, and the signal is “discoverable” until you connect the board to your phone. Just go to your settings on your phone, and and turn on your Bluetooth.  Then look for the hoverboard model and and pair. Your all set. Now you can go to your music apps on your phone and play music directly on the hoverboard.  They should work with any phone that has Bluetooth and that supports music streaming via Bluetooth.

Step By Step Instructions

1. Simply go to your phone’s Settings > Bluetooth, and then select the hoverboard under “devices.”

2. Look for the device. In any case, you’ll know you’re connected to the hoverboard, cause when you do, the board will beep.

3. Then, it’s just a matter of opening the music player app on your phone, and you can start blasting your favorite tunes. Volume is controlled on your phone.

For more information, see this video below

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