Where do I buy a Hoverboard?

July 08, 2016

The Different types of hoverboards for purchase
  • 6.5'' Smart Self Balance Wheel Classic Electric Hoverboard 2 Wheel Unicycle


  • 6.5'' Shiny Crome Smart Self Balancing Electric Hoverboard Scoot Metallic


  • 6.5'' Bluetooth Hoverboard Electric Smart Self Balancing Scoot 2 Wheel


  • 2016 Glider Hover Board Bluetooth Speaker Electric Smart Self Balancing Unicycle


  • Rugged Big Wheel 10 inch Hoverboard Smart Self Balancing Electric Scooter


  • Luxury Big Wheel 10" inch Hoverboard with Bluetooth Speaker Smart Self Balancing Electric Scooter


Fire safety concerns

In most cases, a hoverboard explodes because it comes equipped with a faulty battery. Many self-balancing scooters are powered by lithium-ion batteries.There have been reported instances of defective batteries, which have either short-circuited, or overheated. Our hoverboards are thoroughly tested to make sure this does not happen to your hoverboard, and are equipped with certified batteries and so far our customers have not reported any incidents of the hoverboards catching on fire, or overheating. make sure to keep the hoverboard away from flammable materials while charging. Follow the manufacturer’s recommended charging times. DO NOT overcharge. Use only the charger that is packaged with the hoverboard. Follow all manufacturer-recommended safety guidelines, including wearing recommended personal protective gear.

UL regulations

UL certifies some finished products but it also tests and lists  individual components within products for electrical safety and fire risk. “No complete hoverboard is certified by UL,” but a hoverboard may contain a UL-listed battery pack or use a UL-listed charger (or both). The charger will have the UL seal printed on its exterior, so you can easily verify this certification. Batteries, however, are more difficult to verify unless you take the device apart to find the UL seal on the battery itself.


Please visit our website to see the different models of hoverboards we have for information





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