How to use my Hoverboard

July 08, 2016

How to ride a hoverboard-best tips to navigate

Step 1: Getting on the hoverboard.

First and foremost, make sure your self balancing scooter is charged. You can’t learn how to ride on a dead hoverboard. Place your hoverboard on a smooth, even surface. Turn the power on and put it on the ground in front of you, with the LED lights facing forward. Start by putting one foot on the hoverboard (preferably your dominant foot). Using this foot, put the board into an upright, level riding position. When you’re ready, lift your other foot off the ground and step onto the hoverboard. Don’t overthink it, just step on naturally like you’re walking up stairs.

These are designed to electronically balance you out once you have both feet on, so the hoverboard  will help you. You could also try doing this next to a wall or something to hold onto in case your balance isn’t that great.  You want to ride with a wide stance, placing your feet too narrow makes it difficult to keep your stability.

Step 2: Moving on the hoverboard.

Now that you’ve gotten your balance down, you can actually start  riding your hoverboard (because that’s really what you came here to learn, right?). Making your hoverboard move is easy, but there’s definitely a learning curve to it. It’s a simple concept: you move forward and backward by leaning, or shifting your weight.

Step 3: Turning the hoverboard.

Turning your hoverboard is a similar concept. Each side of the hoverboard is independent, so you can twist each side. Imagine you’re standing on the board. To turn left, push your right foot forward, and to turn right, push your left foot forward. This independent foot pressure gives the twisting motion that physically moves the board. Pay close attention to his feet in the video below.  We recommend starting out with slow, controlled turns before getting into the quick spins. Spinning is a lot of fun once you get good at riding! You can use your skills to spin quickly in place, or if you really want to change it up, some people even use their hoverboard for dance routines .


How can I charge my hoverboard?

Plug in your hoverboard and charge your scooter. The plug-in is next to the on/off button. Insert one end into the hoverboard, and the other into an outlet. You must turn on the scooter while it is charging in order to see when it is fully charged and hear the “beep” to indicate that it is charged.


1) Ensure your hoverboards charging port is clean and dry

2) Plug the charger into the wall, connect it with the power supply and ensure that the charger light is GREEN

3) Plug the charging cable into your Hoverboard's charging port. The chargers indicator light will change to RED, which indicates that your hoverboard is being charged. When that RED indicator turns to GREEN, your hoverboard is fully charged

4) Do not charge the hoverboard for more than two hours.

5) Unplug your charger from the power outlet and your hoverboard. Overcharging will affect the lifespan and performance of your battery

Hoverboard accessories-remote and bag 

Protect and carry your hoverboard wherever you go with our durable nylon hoverboard bag. This well-built bag is water-resistant and has a side compartment to hold a battery charger. It fits 6.5" and 8" wheel hoverboards. The remote comes only with the 10'' hoverboard which controls the bluetooth features

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What do the lights on my hoverboard mean?

The Battery level light is found on top of the smart balance scooter, use this light to determine the remaining charge of the smart balance wheel. 

A green light indicates the hoverboard is fully charged or sufficiently charged for use

A red light indicates the remaining battery level is below 10% and requires charging. When the battery level is low the hoverboard will also beep to alert the rider to stop and charge the unit.

What do the lights on my charger mean?

Once the hoverboard is plugged into the hoverboard it should turn red, which indicates the hoverboard is charging. It will turn green once it is fully charged.

Optimal Battery and Operational Performance 

Your Hoverboard's operating performance is affected by many factors, such as:

1) Terrain: your unit operates best of smooth, flat terrain. Avoid use on rocky, uneven ground

2) Weight: the weight of the driver/load affects operating performance 

3) Temperature: If your hoverboard is stored or used in extremely cold or hot environments (-40 to 158 F, or -40 to 70 C), it will operate at a suboptimal level

4) Battery Power: Keeping your hoverboard's battery charged will better the operating performance of your unit

5) Speed and Driving Style: maintaining an even, medium speed betters the operating performance of your unit-stopping, accelerating, decelerating will reduce it. 

How to Minimize Risk and Maximize my safety

To ensure your safety and the safety of others while operating your hoverboard, please comply with the following safety instructions:

  1. Ensure that your hoverboard is in good working order and condition before use
  2. Make sure to wear protective safety equipment such as a helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads.
  3. Wear comfortable closed-toe shoes. Flip-flops and high heels can altar your balance.
  4. Make sure to stand upright, facing forward, while riding the hoverboard.
  5. Place your hoverboard on a flat, even surface before you step on it.
  6. Do not text or use a cell phone while riding the hoverboard.
  7. Only ride the hoverboard on level ground.
  8. Your hoverboard should not be used in traditional lanes of transport, such as bus routes, car lanes, bike lanes, plane runways, etc
  9. Do not operate your hoverboard under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol
  10. Pregnant women and people with disabilities should not operate the hoverboards
  11. Do not allow operation of your overboard by more tan one person at a time
  12. Do not operate your hoverboard in any manner that would endanger your well-being or the well-being of others around you

Never charge hoverboards overnight. Always supervise hoverboards while charging. Always store and charge hoverboards in an open, dry area, away from any flammable items. Avoid purchasing hoverboards from mall kiosks or websites without any information about the seller. A good rule of thumb is if you do not think you will be able to contact the seller if an incident occurs, it may be best not to do business with them. Do not fully charge a hoverboard before giving it as a gift. Many hoverboards come partially charged, and they should be left this way until they are ready to be used. Avoid charging hoverboards immediately after riding them. The CPSC suggests it is best to let them cool off for at least one hour before recharging.

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